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Release cash: nVentic supports companies in optimizing inventories.

What we do

nVentic delivers tangible business benefits through applying in-depth management consultancy experience and analytical methodologies, incorporating information technology elements.

We focus on business process optimization through an analytical assessment of operations coupled with advanced techniques to deliver significant, timely and sustainable results.

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Why nVentic?

  • Robust and rapid business cases
  • Based on historical transactions up to a year in the past
  • Structured input and output
  • A proven methodology
  • Encompassing Finance and Supply Chain Operations
  • Light external support so that your people drive and sustain the improvements

What our clients say

“We finally have full transparency of what we have, and we can make fact based decisions on a weekly basis”

“Since starting a program with nVentic we now have reduced our inventories by over 50%”

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